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Business Across Borders – Understanding International Trade

International trade is a complex process, but also an exciting business opportunity. DHL can help not only with global customs requirements and trade terminology but also with local import and export support and resources.

Learning the Language of Incoterms® Rules and Trade Terms

“Incoterms” is a trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce. Incoterms® rules and trade terms are recognized and accepted as the standard for international trading and are regularly updated as commercial conditions change.

Familiarity with Incoterms® rules will ensure you purchase goods from manufacturers abroad in accordance with applicable regulations, documentation and procedures.

Learning about Customs with DHL

DHL Express has been a global expert in international trade for well over 40 years and now processes several million customs entries every day. As one of the world's largest customs brokers, we use local expertise to understand diverse customs regulations.

That’s why, with DHL as a partner for your small business, its in-house experts are well positioned to help you navigate the complexities of customs compliance and all of the related terminology and guidelines. Understanding the processes and terminology involved will help you enter markets and build a long-term foundation for successful international trade.

What You Need to Know about Exporting

The most important thing to know about exporting is that no business is too small to develop a base of international customers. As the world’s twenty-third largest exporter, Thailand relies heavily on export revenue to drive economic growth. The following guides offer the information you need to join other business owners like you who are earning money in the global marketplace.

Exports play a key role in every country’s strategy for sustainable economic stability and growth. Businesses of any size can take advantage of the revenue-generating potential that export activity offers. The following resources support your company’s participation in this profitable area of the global economy.

What You Need to Know about Importing

Fulfilling all Customs requirements and correctly completing all procedures can be especially difficult for small business owners or those who are exporting for the first time. If you find the process too difficult to manage on your own, contract a Customs broker who can guide you through the export process. This will help to ensure that you realize your foreign commerce transactions in the simplest and most correct manner.

DHL recommends that you do not seek a Customs broker on your own. Our personal advisors can analyze your shipping needs with you and put you in touch with a trustworthy broker who knows your industry and can provide the specific experience and services your business needs. With our extensive network of accredited, trustworthy brokers, we are in a position to find the broker best equipped to meet your company’s export needs. It is our pleasure to offer this service to our clients.

Please note: In some countries, the law requires you to contract a Customs broker to complete your export transactions. In others, the Customs service recommends that you contract a broker.
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